The App

About the App

The goal of the Mishmar Shaila App/Text is to help a person learn Torah with depth! Moreinu Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg Zt”l in his preface to his Sefer Mishmeres Chaim writes in reference to his Talmidim putting together the Sefer, that besides for the Bekiyus one can gain in all areas of Torah, the main goal of Mishmar is to bring a person to Iyun Haamuk(depth of learning) and Svara Yeshara(straight thinking). These Shailos can be a vehicle to bring a person to clarity in learning that can give him the ability to climb new heights and become Gedolei Olam. As an incentive, there is a raffle for a gift card to restaurants, Amazon, Seforim stores and more!

Guest Speakers, Mareh Mikomos, and more!

There are guest speakers that explain the question and answer. This feature is available both on the app and through the text giving people the ability to access these Shailos with minimal or no connection to the internet. The app gives people the ability to look at the Mareh Mikomos that are necessary to understanding each Shaila. If the correct answer is submitted, there will be one entry into the upcoming raffle.

Available for Everyone!

There is no need to have internet access to learn these Shailos. The Safe Telecom Kosher Smart phone has The Mishmar Shaila App in their app store. These phones have been distributed throughout Yeshivas in America. If one doesnt have one of these smart phones, one can always sign up for The Mishmar Shaila Text.