The Mishmar Shaila App features a weekly Shaila and answer with a voice recording and Mareh Mikomos. Rosh Chodesh raffles for gift cards to Restaurants and Seforim stores! Guest speakers say over the Shaila! Support the greatest form of Limud Hatorah!

  • A regular week sponsorship for the app or the text costs $75.
  • To sponsor both the app and text is $150.
  • To sponsor a raffle week on either the text or app is $75 + (Whatever you want the prize to be min. $50)
  • To sponsor the 3-week challenge where if 2/3 correct answers are submitted there is a guaranteed prize, please email us mishmarshaila@gmail.com.
Torah Anytime
  • Thousands of B'nei Torah learn the Shaila!

Download the Mishmar Shaila App!

Download the Mishmar Shaila App and infuse your Thursday nights with Limud Hatorah!

Become a Lamdan by learning these Shailos every Thursday night! Moreinu Rav Dovid Leibowitz ZT”L said that “the definition of a Lamdan is someone that knows what they know and knows what they dont know.” This means they have a strong grasp and understand the Torah they are learning clearly even if they dont know the answer to their question. The first time a person learns something, it can be overwhelming and vague, but reviewing and hocking out the steps brings one to clarity.

Torah Anytime

The Mishmar Shaila App Features

The Mishmar Shaila App is the first interactive Torah Learning App. Every Thursday night at 7:30 Eastern Time the question is sent out giving people the option to think and work on answer. Users submit their answer through the app or reply to the text. If the user gets the correct response then they are notified via a text! Make sure your answer is well thought out so you can get one entry into the next raffle!

  • Users can hock out each Shaila with Lamdanim Inc!


  • Submit the correct answer for one entry into the raffle!

    Rosh Chodesh Raffle Weeks

  • Dont worry! The deadline is Motzei Shabbos 10 P. M Eastern Time to send in the correct answer!

    Say over the Shaila at the Shabbos Table!

  • Guest Speakers

    There are Choshuve guest speakers that explain the Shaila and answer!

  • Mareh Mikomos

    There are Mareh Mikomos(sources) from all over Shas on the app corresponding to that weeks Shaila!

  • Ameilus Batorah

    These Shailos can bring one to work hard in learning!